Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Intro Preso Experience

Last week we did our introduction presentations with a partner. My partner dropped the class after the first day so I had to present someone that wasn't there. It was quite depressing. But I thought I did a good job on my half. I wish I would have made the PowerPoint about myself but that's okay.

My partner and I decided to use PowerPoint on the first day because that was the only medium he knew how to use. I really enjoyed seeing people use Prezi because it got me really interested and now I want to use it for future presentations I may have.

I think if I had added more pictures of myself and partner it would of looked a little nicer and more fun. I also wish I would of spoken up during the presentation and scanned the room. I sat in front of the computer to do my presentation so one half of the room couldn't hear what I was saying.

Overall I think I did a great job at presenting. I would make a few changes to my PowerPoint and probably use a different form of media if I were to share this information with someone else. I would also add more pictures and speak up while presenting. I would also choose a partner that was still in the class. :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Libraries in Second Life

Libraries in Second Life

Since I want to be a librarian, I wanted to find really interesting libraries with facts about new information or educational tools. I found a lot of libraries that did not have information cards or ways for students to find new information. the list I have complied is a great resource for teachers wanting to find books or new information on the web.

1. Ivory Tower Library of Primitives

This library had great information on math concept. It had great notecards with a lot of information. Most of the information includes prisims and building new shapes. This resource will help students learn new math concepts or help them understand math in the real world.


2. Cybrary City II Public Library

This public library has one hundred great books and famous authors. Students can come here and find interesting and famous books. When they click on the book, they are taken to a website where they can download the book for free. This is great for teachers who are on a budget and cannot order print books. It's also interesting for the students since most live on the internet now a days.


3. Within Ten Years

This site in Second life has a library with free informationon a wide varitey of subjects. The island includes many sites to see and information of professionals. Students can learn about a variety of things.


4. International Schools Island

This is mostly just a building with a list of most of the libraries in Second Life. I find this really helpful when wanting to travel and find information around the world. Students can pick a library and research what they have to offer. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/International%20Schools/105/55/35

5. American Library Association

This is the main source of information of anything dealing with libraries. It is the Library Association and it is widespread across America. All the librarians have to get their masters with a school accredited by the ALA. Students can come here and find great information about books and the library. They also have a site of banned books.


6. Special Libraries Association

This island also a database of libraries of special interest. Some of the libraries include archices land, pet bereavement center, library studies, and wine library. Students can use this to find information about special areas.


7. Tisch Library and Wright Center Climate Change Education Center

This is a great resource for science teachers to use in the classroom. Most of the information includes weather and climate. Students can come and learn about clouds or weather in their area. This is a great interactive land for students and teachers.


8. Rockcliffe Library

This is another great science library for teachers in that field. There are notecareds with information on science, medicine, and law. Students can click on the notcards and find information on a variety of subject areas.


9. Anteater Island

The libraries in this site are all from the University of California-Irvine. This island has great resources from UC Irvine Libraries. There are many libraries to choose from and students can pick from a selection of topics. They can reserch topics life science and law. Great resource for teacher and also college students who may be interested in UCI.


10. Eduislands Information and Services Center

This island is a group of island for educational needs. There are island with information on technology, libraries, schools, and churches. Students can learn about different real life places in the world and find facts to use in papers. Teachers can also find great sources online from this site.