Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Intro Preso Experience

Last week we did our introduction presentations with a partner. My partner dropped the class after the first day so I had to present someone that wasn't there. It was quite depressing. But I thought I did a good job on my half. I wish I would have made the PowerPoint about myself but that's okay.

My partner and I decided to use PowerPoint on the first day because that was the only medium he knew how to use. I really enjoyed seeing people use Prezi because it got me really interested and now I want to use it for future presentations I may have.

I think if I had added more pictures of myself and partner it would of looked a little nicer and more fun. I also wish I would of spoken up during the presentation and scanned the room. I sat in front of the computer to do my presentation so one half of the room couldn't hear what I was saying.

Overall I think I did a great job at presenting. I would make a few changes to my PowerPoint and probably use a different form of media if I were to share this information with someone else. I would also add more pictures and speak up while presenting. I would also choose a partner that was still in the class. :)

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