Sunday, September 26, 2010

Libraries Across America. Are they needed?

While I was reading Cool Cat Teachers blog I came across a blog that talked about libraries and how the internet is becoming our new library system. I think that is true that the internet is the new place to find information but libraries are still opened around the United States. The internet has a lot of offer and can help with researching information. But this is not helpful to people who don't have internet at home. I read an article called Stupid Question of the Day: Do we still need libraries? that the blogger added at the end of her blog and really enjoyed it. It caught my interest because I want to work in a library someday and it makes me sad that people think libraries are not needed anymore. The internet is very useful in finding information but people who don't have internet at home need a place to go and people to ask that know a lot about different resources they can use. Librarians can tell you more about finding resources and new information than a computer could. They know the ins and outs of new technology and can be helpful in your research.

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  1. Colleen,

    I agree with you, there always will be a need for libraries. I know numerous people who just simply prefer reading a hard copy of something over an electronic one. Plus nothing really beats being able to mark up a good hard copy book (even though I know you can now mark up electronic versions as well).

    I thought it was really interesting you brought up clicking on another link in the "Cool Cat" blog. Billie also highlighted in her blog the amount of resources you discover when reading a writer's post. I have also found these resources to be very interesting and useful.


  2. Colleen,

    I do agree that we still need libraries. I am torn between the convenience of technology and value of using library resources to enhance your knowledge. I feel many students today do not know how to find materials in a library. Is that an important skill for students to continue to learn in school? I'm sure strong proponents of technology use would say no. I still think it's a valuable skill for students of all ages to learn.

    What can be done to ensure both mediums, Internet and library sources, are utilized by students?


  3. Colleen,
    I do see the physical library changing. However, I see the overall purpose of the librarians remaining the same--they offer and teach students and patrons information literacy. In a growing digital world, this has become the issue with collecting information. It is no longer a challenge to find information or collect the information itself. Instead, now it is their role to teach how to search for and evaluate appropriate information in a sea of unreviewed information.
    Not only do my students attend two information literacy sessions a semester, I continually teach evaluation and ethos as a constant reminder.
    Thank you for the insight-

  4. I think that libraries should exist in the future and hopefully they will. There is so much you can do with a good book and the fact that it is free, I can see people always using them. Also, my library offers free internet access as well as fee WIFI, which I see as being a way for libraries to get people into them.

  5. I think libraries will always be needed. I have a laptop, but I do not spend all day on it. It gets so boring if you are used to doing other things too. I like reading books as well and the only place that I can read comfortably is at The Rod Library @ At the same time, we go there to get help looking up and getting access to certain restricted/protected article or information; Information that we could not afford to get/buy as individuals. So I think libraries are here to stay.

  6. While the computer is great for research, I agree libraries are still needed and will remain a focal point for people who need to "research" getting rid of public libraries would be a tragedy and I'd rather read a real book than read on the internet!